Available Hedgehogs


We have some of the most colorful and well tempered hedgehogs in the state of Texas! We offer ground shipping to anyone out of state as long as they are legal in your state. All hedgehogs below are pedigreed and produced by Potenza Exotics. 

Please Note:

  • The $50 price listed for each hedgehog is a non refundable holding deposit only that means you will not get your deposit back if you change your mind. The total amount can be seen in the title and is due at the time of pickup or 7 days before shipping.
  • Hedgehog prices are based on color, temperament and sex. There are no differences in dispositions between male and female hedgehogs as pets!
  • At the time of pickup please bring a carrier.
  • We are no longer holding hedgehogs for more than 3 days after the set pick up date. If you are planning to pickup later, we will send an invoice for the remaining total.