Hedgehog Necropsy at OSU Veterinary

What to do if your hedgehog dies:

In the event your hedgehog dies and you suspect WHS or a genetic anomaly, it is important to get your hedgehog prepared and shipped to OSU Veterinary diagnostic lab immediately upon death for a proper necropsy.

Step 1: Put your hedgehog in a large Ziploc bag and put in the Fridge. DO NOT FREEZE or it will not work for the necropsy.

Step 2: Line a small box with puppy training pads. Use one puppy training pad to wrap the ice pack. The absorbable side should be directly on the icepack to absorb the condensation.

Step 3: Place your hedgehog on top of the wrapped ice pack. Cover with a few more training pads. Add packing material as necessary to avoid shifting in the box.

Step 4: On the OSU Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory website http://vetmed.oregonstate.edu/diagnostic/forms you will need to Print and fill out three forms. After you fill out the forms, please put them in a Ziploc bag and put inside the box.

  1. Biopsy/Necropsy submission form
  2. VDL Disclaimer
  3. OSU Revolving Charge agreement

Step 5: Seal up the box and overnight it to the shipping address on the top of the Necropsy submission form. Please note, there are two addresses. One address is for overnight service with FedEx or UPS. 

Note: OSU will email the results to you in about 10 business Days. Please forward the PDF file to Contact@potenzaexotics.com