Gecko Loupe

Gecko Loupe

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This is a great jewelers loupe ideal for sexing your Geckos and features a 30x magnification and a 60x magnification lens, both illuminated with a very bright LED light. Every gecko breeder should own one. Pores are easily visible under the 60x and 30x lens. 60x will give you a nice CLOSE-UP and the 30x is quick and easy to use for identifying the sex of your Geckos. Using a loupe to watch the development of your fruit Fly, isopod, and springtail cultures is a great way to ensure you are producing healthy colonies of feeder insects and microfauna. Hard plastic-shell storage case included!


  • Bright LED lights
  • Features a 30x22 mm lens and 60x12 mm lens
  • Metal folding protective cover
  • Hard plastic case included
  • Includes 3 LR1130 batteries