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Potenza Exotics

Hedgehog Starter Kit XL

Hedgehog Starter Kit XL

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The Hedgehog Starter Kit includes everything you'll need as a new hedgehog owner. Pickup your starter kit at the time pickup without having to worry about getting all the necessary supplies. 

Hedgehog Starter Kit Includes:

  • Kaytee Rabbit Cage - X-Large
  • Kaytee Comfort Wheel - Giant
  • 1lb Hedgehog Food Mix
  • Plastic Igloo Hide
  • Snuggle Sack
  • 8.5" Reflector Dome
  • 150W Ceramic Heat Emitter
  • Thermostat Controller
  • Hedgehog Safe Toy Pack: Ball & Toy
  • (2) Oxbow 28L Paper Bedding
  • Nail Clippers
  • Food Bowl
  • Water bottle

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