Kaytee Flat-Bac Water Bottle
Kaytee Flat-Bac Water Bottle

Kaytee Flat-Bac Water Bottle

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Flat-Bac Water Bottle is a premium quality bottle with a smooth flat surface that fits tightly against your pets cage. Snap Lock Bottle Bracket easily attaches to the cage and the contoured bottle snaps into a secure position.

  • Made of durable clear plastic with a floating duck inserted as a friendly refill reminder
  • Stainless steel spring-loaded dripless sipper
  • Snap-lock Bottle Bracket with the convenient E-Z twist attachment knob allow for effortless bottle removal and refilling
  • Easily adapts for use either inside or on the outside of the cage
  • Large 16 ounce size is ideal for guinea pigs, dwarf rabbits, pet rats, and chinchillas