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Leachianus Gecko (Nu Ana x Nu Ami)

Leachianus Gecko (Nu Ana x Nu Ami)

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Nu Ana x Nu Ami locale. Produce from our pairing of Ghidorah and Wyvern. 

Weight: 13 grams
Locale: Nu Ana x Nu Ami 

Hatch Date: May 2022

The Rhacodactylus Leachianus, or Leachie for short, is the largest known living gecko measuring anywhere from 8 - 17 inches in length when full grown. They are native to New Caledonia and have near identical care requirements to crested geckos, gargoyle geckos, and chewies. 

Adults can be more aggressive than other New Caledonia geckos and may not be suitable for first time reptile owners or children. Please do all your research before deciding to add a leachianus to your home. 

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