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Living World

Living World Tunnel Blue/Red

Living World Tunnel Blue/Red

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Living World Tunnel for small pets provides additional space for play and exploration for a variety of small animals. It is specially designed to attach to a Living World Tent for small pets (sold separately), providing a long, cozy and secure extension for hiding out, exercising or sleeping.

The long cylindrical structure is made of a spiral wire frame covered with polyester fabric that's easy to wipe clean. Both ends of the tunnel have velcro that allows you to attach the tunnel to the tent. You can also attach another tunnel of the same diameter to an opening located at the midway point of the tunnel.
For indoor or outdoor use (includes corner ties to secure to the ground).
Large size is suitable for guinea pigs and rabbits.
Color: Blue/Red.

Dimensions: 20 cm x 90 cm L (7.9)

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