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Repashy Pineapple Express

Repashy Pineapple Express

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Repashy is one of the top-performing brands of crested gecko diet! It's high quality, palatable, and fortified with all of the essential nutrients that crested geckos and other fruit-eating species need to thrive.

Repashy Pineapple Express is a limited-edition crested gecko diet that helps keepers increase animal enrichment by giving more flavor choices without compromising on quality. Pineapple Express uses the same base formula as Mulberry Madness, but replaces the mulberry with pure dried pineapple powder.  It's an incredibly tasty formula that is sure to be a hit with your gecko!

Instructions for Use:

Mix one part powder with two parts water by volume as a starting point. The mixture may appear watery at first, but will thicken after several minutes. If separation occurs over time, use less water. As fed, Repashy Pineapple Express should have the consistency of ketchup. Feed geckos in the evening and remove uneaten food within 24 hours.


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