Hedgehog Care Guide

Hedgehog Care Guide

 Basic Information

  • Species: African Pygmy Hedgehog
  • Lifespan: 3-5 years on average, but can live several years longer with proper care and nutrition
  • Adult Size: 5-8 inches in length and 200 - 500 grams



There are a number of different options that will satisfy the habitat requirements for your new hedgehog. As long as the cage has a flat bottom, plenty of ventilation and only a single level, it will generally be fine to use for your hedgehog. 

  • The minimum floor size of the cage will be at least 30"x18". We generally recommend a cage with a size measuring 2'x4'. 
  • Avoid cages with wire flooring, multiple levels or ramps. 

Outside of the typical cages you'll see in pet store, Sterilite bins are also a great alternative. They're not easy on the eyes, but they offer plenty of space and are easy to clean.

Note: We sell hedgehog kits in store that include everything you'll need for your baby hedgehog.


Diet & Nutrition

Hedgehogs have specific nutritional needs that are not satisfied by most hedgehog branded food. The "hedgehog food" you find at most pet stores due not contain the necessary levels of protein, fat, and fiber. We find the best staple diet for hedgehogs consists of a mix of high-quality cat food. 

It's important to stick to only high-quality cat food that meet the nutritional needs of your hedgehog. Many cat food diets contain a high level of filler which hedgehogs are not able to digest. 

This kibble diet can also be supplemented with a wide range of insects. That can include mealworms, super worms, Dubia roaches, butter worms and calci-worms. Never feed wild caught insects, only those specifically bred for feeding animals. Wild caught insect could transmit parasites or diseases to your hedgehog. 

Hedgehog Mix

  • Purina Pro Plan Kitten
  • Purina Pro Plan Cat Sensitive Skin & Stomach
  • Purina ONE Tender Selects Blend (Chicken)

We mix all three blends of cat food together, but all will offer the protein and fat needs for your hedgehog. If you choose to use an options outside of these three, please be sure to verify it has the correct protein/fat requirements and does not contain any fillers. 

The only exception to these cat foods would be Hedgehog Precision kibble. 



Temperature Requirements

Maintaining the proper enclosure temperature for your hedgehog is vitally important for their safety and general comfort. Your hedgehog will require temperatures between 75-80°F at all times.

If the temperature falls below 75°F there is a risk of your hedgehog going into hibernation, which can be fatal. If you don't planning on maintaining a temperature above 75°F within the room, a heat source will be required. 

We recommend you use a ceramic heat bulb, heat lamp, and temperature controller. This will heat the ambient air within the cage, maintaining the necessary temperature without having to heat the entire room. The temperature controller will be used to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the cage. 

 Note: Heat pads are not a recommended method for use on hedgehogs. Heat pads only heat a specific spot on the ground, whereas heat bulbs heat the ambient air throughout the entire cage. 


Required Supplies

Make things easy on yourself and grab a Hedgehog Starter Kit when picking up your new hedgehog. These kits include everything you need to keep your hedgehog safe and happy.  

  • Enclosure: You have many options available to you depending on your personal preferences. Many cages will work great as long as they have a solid bottom, plenty of ventilation and are only a single level. 
    • Minimum floor size of 30"x18" as long as free roam time is provided. You may also upgrade to a cage of 2'x4'. 
    • No wire bottom, ramps, or multiple levels. 
Note: Hedgehog Starter Kits sold in store starting at $250. These kits will include everything you'll need for your new hedgehog. 
  • Heat source: Your hedgehog will require temperatures between 75-80°F at all times. We recommend a heat lamp, ceramic heat bulb and temperature controller to maintain proper temperatures. 
  • Wheel: Hedgehogs are incredibly active at night, running up to several miles. A hedgehog safe wheel will be an absolute must. The two hedgehog safe wheels include:
    • Kaytee Comfort Wheel (Giant): Safe, low cost  
    • Carolina Storm Bucket Wheel: Safe, silent, but higher cost. 
  • Hides: Your hedgehog will require a safe place to hide and rest. There are near limitless options that will work great, including plastic igloos, wooden logs, and fleece snuggle sacks. 
    • We recommend you offer multiple hides throughout the cage to give your hedgehog more than one option. 
  • Water source: All of our hedgehogs are properly trained to drink out of either a water bottle or water dish. We generally use water bottles for ease of use and tracking. If you use a water dish, expect your hedgehog to tip over the dish often, requiring extra cleaning and inability to monitor their drinking progress. 
  • Food Bowl: Any dish will work fine. 
  • Food: Refer to diet & nutrition section for approved cat food kibble options. It is recommend to supplement your kibble diet with insect to provide additional fiber and nutrients. Provide 2-3 tablespoons of cat kibble each night. 
    • Purina Pro Plan Kitten
    • Purina Pro Plan Cat Sensitive Skin & Stomach
    • Purina ONE Tender Selects Blend (Chicken)

Our Available Hedgehogs

Please click here to view all our hedgehogs currently available and ready for their new homes. 

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