Terms of Service


TX State Tax 6.25% 

Arlington Municipal Tax 1.75%


ALL DEPOSITS ARE NONREFUNDABLE. Deposit money is credited to the total cost of the baby, balance is due a week before shipping or at pickup. Once an animal is ready to go, you have 7 days to schedule shipping or make arrangements to pickup the animal. A $5 per day fee will be added onto the price for any animal not picked up or scheduled to ship after 7 days of being ready to go. Final amount will be due 7 days prior to pickup/delivery.  We will ask for a photo of your setup, as well as cage dimensions. Please note that we will not release any baby until we have received proof of an approved setup.

“Ready by” dates are only approximations and are not guaranteed, as the animal must be a healthy weight and condition and thriving independent of its parents before going to their new home.

We offer the following return policy to ensure the well-being of our animals in the case that you decide that they are not the right fit for your family or lifestyle. 50% of the animal’s purchase price will be refunded if the animal is returned to us within 7 days, or 25% if returned within 30 days. If discounts were applied to the purchase price, the refund will be adjusted accordingly. When purchasing an animal from Potenza Exotics as “pet only”, breeding the animal is strictly forbidden. Hedgehogs prices are based on color, conformation, temperament and sex. Females may be priced a bit higher than males, but that is only because of the demand for females by breeders. There are no differences in dispositions between male and female hedgehogs as pets! Hedgehog colors are not guaranteed as their coloring can change as they grow. The same goes for their temperament ratings as they go through periods of quilling.


If at any time you decide the animal is not a good fit for your home, the animal must be returned to Potenza Exotics. The buyer may not sell, gift, or otherwise rehome the animal to anyone else, unless the new owner is approved by us in writing. This policy is enforced in order to ensure our exotic animals will always have a good home with adequate care.  


Pickup is available at our store located in 7203 S Cooper St, Suite 131 Arlington TX 76001
Airline Shipping $250
Ground Shipping by USDA Transport is between $140 to $200 If you choose this transport option, please do not contact the transporter or Potenza Exotics about when your animals will be transported. As soon as the transporter has planned the route, we will immediately let you know your estimated arrival date. If we have not contacted you regarding your animal’s transport, that means we have no further information to provide. Contacting the transporter about a date she has not yet planned will only slow her down. Thank you for your understanding.


We guarantee any animal sold is in good health and free from internal or external parasites, illness or disease at the time of sale. All animals are sold with a 1 year congenital defect warranty, hedgehogs are covered for Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome for life. In the event that we would have to honor the warranty, we will replace your hedgehog with a new one of your choice of equal or lesser value. In order to honor the Warranty, we require a Necropsy, at the sole owner’s expense, along with a picture of the diseased animal.  A full description of the animal’s colors and markings shall be disclosed in the necropsy report.  Reports without a credible animal identification will not be accepted. Negligence, injury, improper diet, or illness due to improper care, is NOT covered under this Warranty. Warranties are NOT transferable.   In the event that you sell, surrender, give away, etc. your hedgehog, meaning that the animal you purchased from us is no longer in your care or your possession, our warranty will become NULL and VOID, this includes if you get the hedgehog back at a later time

Where to get the Necropsy: 

  1. Oregon State University 
  2. Colorado State University

Our waiting list members get first choice of the litters, every time. Only the hedgehogs that have been passed over by our waiting list will be available for the general public to adopt.



The sale of hedgehogs for the purposes will only be sold to USDA licensed breeders. Pedigrees will also ONLY be available to USDA licensed breeders. They are NOT available to Pet Homes. The breeding of our hedgehogs is strictly prohibited when sold to pet homes.




Your animals be shipped via FedEx overnight shipping to any of the 48 contiguous states (sorry, no international or Alaska/Hawaii shipping). Shipments will go out Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday for receipt on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, respectively. Shipments can be sent to a home or office address where you or another adult will be present to accept and sign for the package, or they can be sent to a FedEx Ship Center that accepts live animals, where you must pick it up the same day as its arrival. Normally in that case the package will arrive at the ship center early in the morning, so you will have all day to pick it up.

If you live within driving distance of the DFW metroplex, pickup can be scheduled. 



Live animal arrival guarantee within two hours of receiving the package. In order to receive a refund, you must email us photos of the deceased animal within two hours of the package being delivered to your address or being picked up from the FedEx Ship Center. This guarantee is void if an adult does not personally sign for the package at the address or if the package is not picked up from the FedEx Ship Center the same day as its arrival.