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Zoo Med

Zoo Med Repti Turtle Eye Drops

Zoo Med Repti Turtle Eye Drops

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Zoo-Med Repti Turtle Eye Drops opens and cleans inflamed turtle eyes. Use as a preventative for eye issues caused by Vitamin A deficiency, including inflammation. Especially helpful with Box Turtle eye problems.

  • Opens and cleans inflamed turtle eyes
  • Use as a preventative for eye problems caused by Vitamin A deficiency
  • Especially helpful with box turtle eye problems

Includes free trial size sample of Reptisafe Water Conditioner.

Made in the USA.

Q: Can I put Repti Turtle Eye Drops in other reptiles' eyes
A:Turtle Eye drops are made especially for turtles that can be prone to vitamin A deficiencies. It is safe to use on other reptiles, but unless the infection is due to vitamin A deficiency, it may not fix the problem. You may need to take your pet to the veterinarian.

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